Critical Problem!

“Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file” This is the only thing that appeared on my screen when I want to work on my thesis… I so need help to get my data back!! Please…

This error means that your project file is either not there or that you don’t have the necessary permissions to open the file. Did you move the file, perhaps, or copied it from another computer or a backup?

In case the file was moved, you can select File -> Open... from the menu (or hit Ctrl/Cmd+O) and select your project file to open. If you still get this error when trying to open the correct file, please check that you have sufficient permissions to open the file. You can also post your tropy.log file here (via Help -> Show log files) as it might contain additional information.

If all this does not work, you can also send us your project file, and we’ll take a look to see if there is anything wrong with it.