CSV Export Issues

I get the following error message when I try to export to CSV, any info as to what it means or how I can fix it?

Thank you!

{“msg”:“Failed to export items.”,“stack”:“TypeError: Cannot read property ‘app’ of undefined\n at CSVPlugin.getWriteStream (/Users/aimeehisey/Library/Application Support/Tropy/plugins/tropy-plugin-csv/index.js:74:29)\n at CSVPlugin.export (/Users/aimeehisey/Library/Application Support/Tropy/plugins/tropy-plugin-csv/index.js:93:25)\n at Plugins.exec (/Applications/\n at export (/Applications/\n at runCallEffect (/Applications/\n at runEffect (/Applications/\n at digestEffect (/Applications/\n at next (/Applications/\n at currCb (/Applications/\n at runSelectEffect (/Applications/\n at runEffect (/Applications/\n at digestEffect (/Applications/\n at next (/Applications/\n at proc (/Applications/\n at runEffect (/Applications/\n at digestEffect (/Applications/”,“system”:“Darwin 21.1.0 (x64)”,“time”:1637540442944,“version”:“1.10.0”}

I think you need to update the CSV plugin to the latest version – you can do this by downloading the zip file above and then installing it again in the plugin’s pane.