Custom columns for sorting

Thanks for developing this promising tool. I have been wishing for exactly such a program, and I have a massive library of archival photos waiting to be put to use…

I noticed that while I can do all sorts of customization for the type of metadata I’d like to catalog, I was disappointed to discover we are only limited to the columns Title/Creator/Date/Type to sort our entire library. We should be able to sort by any of our metadata categories.

Is there any timeline to expand the selection of sorting columns?

Using Mac OS 10.13.3, Tropy 1.0.4

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Yes, fully customizable and resizable columns is something we’re working on right now. Fixed list sorting, position columns, and resizing is already in the beta channel; fully customizable columns is the next target. Stay tuned!

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Same urgent request - need to sort images by other metadata than Title/Creator/Date/Type (in my case inventaris numbers). Please add customizable columns (resizable is already possible). This would improve tropy a lot !!!

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Is there an update on customizable columns? 5/20 - Thanks!

Yes, this feature has been added:

Thanks for the quick reply!