Customized field name in .csv output file

Dear developers,

I have customized a new template with customized field names. When I output the project into a .csv file, I noticed that the field names have been output into the original link of each vocabulary, rather than the customized names. Therefore it is not that convenient when using and manipulating the data of the .csv files.
I would like to know that is it possible to output the .csv file also with the customized field names?

I am discovering Tropy for some time and really feel it is a great tool for collecting and rearranging image data. Thank you so much for making Tropy better and better.

We originally had the option to use the custom field names instead. However, this generally makes post-processing much harder. Specifically, for the plugin we like to ensure that round-trips are always possible: that is to say, if you export a CSV file it should be possible to import it back using the same configuration. Obviously, for round-trips using JSON is much better, but we had situations in mind where you would, for example, export some data, have someone else edit the data in a spreadsheet and then import updates again later.

So, using the field names on export would be trivial. But it adds a lot of extra requirements for import (e.g., you’d need to have the correct template available for import, the field names must be unique. etc.). How are you working with the files that would make using the custom field names more convenient? I think we’d be open to reviving using custom names as an export-only option. We disabled it mostly because we think using full URIs is recommended in most cases.

Dear developer,

Thank you so much for your reply and detailed explanation. I totally understand and do agree with your design that satisfies round-trips. That will also be really helpful for my further study.

While I would also like to know if there is any possibility that an extra (maybe a second) row of data of customized names can be included in the exported CSV file (or can that be an option before export). Then I can hide the first row of URI on the spreadsheet and then do something further on the data. The URIs are still existed to achieve later round-trips.

Exploring Tropy makes me feel that it can also be a powerful tool for generating analytical data on my numerous collected image materials. With the CSV plugin, the generated data can be exported to Rstudio and Qgis for further research.

Anyway, the customized name thing is kind of trivial. Tropy has already assisted me a lot with most parts of my work. Really appreciate the work from you and your team.