Customs Path Error

Hello everyone,

I am new to tropy, so I hope I am not overlooking something obvious. What I am trying to do is to create a new project tpy file in the same folder as the photos of the archival file I want to use tropy for. That has to do with my wanting to sync things through dropbox.

However, when I try to do this by clicking “change file name and location”, I get the following error: {“msg”:“Project creation failed.”,“stack”:“Error: SQLITE_CONSTRAINT: CHECK constraint failed: name != ‘’”,“system”:“Windows_NT 10.0.22621 (x64)”,“time”:1672031335111,“version”:“1.12.0”}

Funnily enough, if I, for instance, just try to create a new project file in the dropbox root folder, it goes ahead without a problem. Is there any way to resolve this?

Thank you!

It looks like in the first case you might have cleared the project name (new projects can’t be created without a name). Not to worry though, wherever you’ve created the project file you can just move it to the desired location in your Dropbox folder. After moving the file you will have to open it manually in Tropy (either via the File > Open menu or by double-clicking the .tpy file).

If you keep the project file in the same folder with your archival material on Dropbox, also configure the project to link photos relative to the project file.