Deal with a folder of image sequence pix

Hi, I am an AI cognitive science researcher with many visual files and just starting with I looked but could not find a doc or forum post on dealing with big sequences of image frames. Since I generate work or make animation from AI-- I have regular output and research images but also have image sequence that are folders of 100s to 1000s of images number f00001, f00002, … They can overwhelm systems like Tropy if all are treated the same as other images. Is there a way to flag them as one thing rather than 1000s of individual images. Or if not does anyone have tips for dealing with this issue ( my thought was only put in one example frame, do not include the folder and tag that frame as a seqeunce with a pointer to the folder - so I can have, tag, use the seqeunce by the one representative image - but kind of a pain to do this for all of them).

You could try to import the photos per folder, then once one sequence has been imported, select all of the photos and merge them into a single item. This will mean your project will keep a relatively low item count, but a very high photo count. Importing each sequence will take some time, but given that most of the frequent queries this might be a workable approach.

Depending on your hardware, Tropy will slow down when your project gets very large; I don’t have benchmarks for project with such a high photo to item ratio, but it’s worth a try.