Default View Zoom When viewing Items

This is very specific, but it would be great if in the preferences you could set the view automatically to load an item according to width as opposed to the whole item. It is only one extra click, but when naming a large amount of items that are standard paper size it would save an enormous amount of time.

Good idea, we can add a preference for the default zoom mode.

Please note that the mode (fit, fill, or manual) should be persisted per photo.

Thanks for looking into it!

Yes, I do realize that it is persistent once selected. That helps a lot!

We added a default to the preferences in 1.0.2 (it will not help for images which you’ve already viewed, but I hope this will be useful in the future!)

Thanks so much for including this feature! I am uploading images by the hundred over the course of many folders, so this default feature helped immediately. Thanks again!