Delete Item in Item View

Is there a way of deleting items in Item View ?

No, there isn’t. I assume you’d like to delete the item after checking some detail in the item viewer? In that case, maybe it works to make the thumbnails larger either in the item grid or in the photo panel (also making the panel itself wider) – or is that still too small to make the decision with your pictures?

Grid view works to some extent, though it does not have the zoom function of the item viewer. I often take multiple photos of the same page or object, and I want to inspect the photos to keep those that are most well-defined and legible. I can also do this with a different software before importing the final selection into Tropy for annotating & tagging. Which might be better because I can delete the actual photos.

@igm2103 in that case you could consider merging the photos of the same page/object into one item first and then delete unneeded photos using the photo panel while you are in the item view.