Digital Humanities / Omeka Classic?

A few scholars at my university are working on independent digital humanities projects. Is there any way (or any plan) to incorporate an option to encrypt a Tropy project and make it public facing?

Most of us work with Omeka Classic, since they’re individual digital humanities projects. Can our Tropy projects be exported to the Classic version?

We currently have an export plugin only for Omeka S.

You can easily make a Tropy project available by using relative paths to link photos and sharing both the project file and the original photos (for example in a zip archive). Alternatively, the archive plugin can be used to create a zip file of any number of items, or a full project, which can be shared and imported into a new or existing Tropy project. Whether sharing a portable project or a collection of items, in both cases you will have to install Tropy in order to view the data (unless you convert the exported JSON data to a format viewable in a different application). As another option, Tropy allows you to create PDFs by printing selected items. If you include the photos in the PDFs it’s advised to optimize the PDFs before sharing them, to reduce the file size.