Display options for dates

When I type names that are in ISO format it displays them in a nicer fashion.
2023-08-08 becomes Aug 8, 2023.

I would like there to be an option to display it as YYYY-MM-DD.
I find this better to read, especially when I type a c. (circa) behind a date to say that it is an estimation.

Now it looks like this:

Thank you in advance!

Eventually we’d like to add options to configure how dates will be displayed. Tropy parses dates according to an ISO extension which supports approximate dates among other things. Instead of adding a ‘c’ I would recommend adding ‘~’ for approximate (or ‘?’ for uncertain) dates. This ill make sure your dates are parsed correctly.

Of course this won’t solve your display preference (2023-08-09~ would be displayed as c. Aug 9, 2023 or similarly for other locales).

Until there are display options available the other solution would be to use xsd:string values instead of tropy:date for these fields. Tropy’s default templates use the latter by default, but you could create a custom template where the date fields use xsd:string instead which will be displayed verbatim. However, I’d suggest to stick with tropy:date values because eventually this will allow you to use additional date functionalities of Tropy.