Documents Available: Naval and Consular Documents of the Early U.S. Navy

I have these documents available and am more than willing to share. Some have more metadata than others, but all have at least the archival location info.

  • James Leander Cathcart Papers, Library of Congress (many of the letters in this collection are actually from William Eaton)
  • James Simpson Letterbook, Library of Congress
  • Edward Preble Papers (Boxes 5 and 6), Library of Congress
  • Richard Dale Papers, Library of Congress (all letters are duplicated in the published document collection you can get at the American Naval Records Society digitized copy of the six-volume document collection, but there are some non-letters in here as well)
  • Isaac Hull papers from the Barbary War era, National Archives
  • Alexander Murray papers, National Archives
  • Notes on the Tunisian Legation (1806), National Archives microfilm
  • Letters from the Navy Department to the Secretary of State, National Archives (RG 45)

I’d be happy to share any of these documents with anyone.