Download for Mac)S10.12.3

I have recently had my iMac attended to because it was so slow. For reasons that I don’t understand, I have been downgraded to macOS Sierra, Version 10.12.3. Also, my apps were wiped. Now, when I try to download Tropy again, I get a message that the Download only supports macOS.10.13. Please help me. At the moment I’m unable to access my Tropy.

Do you know which version of Tropy you’d been using previously? If not, we can probably find out, by looking at some of your old log files if they are still around or checking one of your project files.

To look for old log files, open and use the following commands:

 grep version ~/Library/Logs/Tropy/tropy.log

If this produces an error, you can try checking the access log of one of your project files. For this you need the location of one of your files. For example, if your project file is in Documents/project.tpy you can see a list of recent Tropy versions like this:

sqlite3 ~/Documents/project.tpy "select distinct version from access"

Ideally, I’d suggest downloading the version that you’d been using previously, if that still works on macOS Sierra. You can find all Tropy releases on the releases page. I’m not completely sure which is the newest version that will still work on macOS Sierra, but 1.5.4 will definitely work. You will be missing out on a lot of updates though, so I would suggest to update at least to High Sierra.