Drag and drop from Tropy or copy from Tropy to use with PureRef

I am a 3d artist. I have a large library of image references that I use for my 3d projects. A very common software that is used for this purposes is PureRef. PureRef simply allows to create a floating board of images that can stay on top of other programs.
I’ve recently stumbled upon Tropy and I’ve really liked it. It is perfect to organize my reference library and write down notes on details or things I need. However, currently, it is impossible to drag or copy multiple selected images to PureRef, which is very important for me. The solution I’ve found is to go to each photo and individually select it in the sidebar and do “Copy Photo in the Clipboard”. However, I can’t do this with multiple photos. By any chance, could this feature eventually be implemented?
Thanks a lot.

Yes, dragging photos out to other applications as well as selecting multiple photos are on our roadmap. We currently have other priorities, so I can’t make any promises on when we’ll get to those, but they’re both features we want to add.

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