Drag/Drop Images, Watch for Folder Changes

Just found Tropy a few days ago, seems like a great tool! Wondering if there are plans for the immediate future to implement a drag/drop interface that would allow you to quickly pull images from your collection to the desktop or another folder (or any other way to export images in groups based on lists or tags).

Also, it would be great if it could be set up to watch a specified folder for changes, and automatically add new images to the library when they are placed there.

These two things would make it much more useful to people who use image collections in presentations, publications etc.

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I’ll add an issue on GitHub for us to track setting up watch folders; I can’t make any promises how we’re going to prioritize this, but it’s certainly a great idea.

Dropping items out of Tropy is something we’re still evaluating. There are some questions involved as to what exactly should be copied/exported (the original photo, the photo with all modifications applied, metadata, what format, etc.) – in your case, you’d be interested to copy the original photos?

Yeah in the use case I’m imagining, just a copy of the original photo(s) would be ideal for drag/drop. Maybe the right click > “export selected items” dialog could have more options, like to include images alongside metadata in an export folder, to choose between originals or modified images etc.

Really any way to easily get grouped images out of Tropy for use/re-use would be so awesome, and I think a lot of the people I work with (architecture & art historians, architects and other designers) would agree. People like us really need a straightforward tool for organizing and annotating image collections, but the images themselves need to be accessible once they’re in there so that they can get recycled into PowerPoints, publications, etc.

Thanks for all your work!

Thanks for the info. Improved export is definitely one of our main priorities right now – stay tuned!