Drag & drop / import not working anymore

Hi there!
I’ve been using Tropy for a few months and it has been great.
Yesterday I’ve been trying to import more images via drag + drop, but it blues out the whole Tropy window when I hover the files over it. The import via folder structure doesn’t do anything either.
I am using Windows 11 and both my images as well as the Tropy file are saved in synced ONeDrive folders.

Thank you for your help!

Does importing those specific files in another way (via file picker) work? Usually, if it looks like importing doesn’t do anything, it’s because the files are already in the project and the skip duplicates option is set in the preferences. If the files are skipped you should see something along those lines in the log file; or you can change the preference and try importing again.

In any case, if you try to import the files again, please save the log file afterwards and post it here. This should help us figure out what’s going on.

Thanks! If the preference is set to ask every time the duplicate check is definitely not the issue. There is no mention of the failed import in the log file, it looks like you only started Tropy and then copied the log file? Please note that the log file is overwritten every time you start, so it’s important to copy its contents right after the failed import. Please try importing via the file picker, picking a specific file. This should either work or produce an error.

With drag and drop and when importing folders, it’s also possible that no suitable files where found at all. So for this reason it’s best to select individual files to see if they can be imported.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but every time I now close Tropy, this message pops up.
Thank you

The -wal file is a temporary files used by Tropy. It’s OK for the file to be removed after Tropy closes a project cleanly. In fact, it’s potentially problematic to sync the file to the cloud at all and you could configure OneDrive to ignore -wal files completely.

Regarding the import, there is no error message in the log and the files are also not being skipped as duplicates. What kind of files did you try to import there? It looks like either Tropy ignores the files as unsupported (this can only happen if you import a folder or via drag and drop, not really if you pick individual files) or that the import actually takes place but you don’t see it, for example, because you have an active search query or something like that. So just to make sure, there are no items added even if you’re in the project view with no list, tag or search query active, right? There’s also a label at the top of the project view that says how many items there are, and I assume that number stays stable? If that’s the case, could you share one of the files that doesn’t import with us here?

So I had another look and when I try to import rather than drag and drop, as soon as I open the file window, Tropy says that it is actually importing? But nothing ever happens from there.
When I close the file window, the message saying that it’s importing disappears.
I could really do with this working properly again. The files are just jpgs, photos from an archive.

Can you copy one of the files to a folder outside of OneDrive and try to import it from there? For example, if you copy it to the Desktop first and then import it from there?

You won’t believe it: that works!!

Right, then it must be related to the OneDrive sync configuration. It’s possible to configure OneDrive to download files only on demand. Tropy accesses files normally via the file system layer, but I assume that in this case it only sees the empty placeholders. The only solution I think is to either ensure that files are fully synced before importing them or to change the OneDrive configuration to always keep local copies on disk.

It’s still not doing it correctly though. I tried it with another folder, copied the contents from OneDrive into a desktop folder (491 items). But it only copies 99 files. When I try again it asks me if I want to skip duplicates, I say yes for all and it shows me the little blue bar on the left allegedly importing 491 items, but when I check, there are still only 99 in the list. Nothing in last import or unlisted items.
Thanks for yout help.

Tropy 13.06.2024 16.19.pdf (1.7 MB)

I somehow sorted this one.
I am on another list now, again, about a hundred files are missing, but they are in the last import list. However, it won’t let me move them to the correct list. So frustrating…
Thanks for your help.