Duplicate a photo for use in two items

I have photos like this one that contain the end of one item and the beginning of another:

It would be nice to be able to duplicate it within the collection view so that I can put a copy in each item. At present I have to import a new duplicate in order to do this.

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Thanks for this feedback. This improvement is on our radar already (I personally need this function as well :slight_smile: ). So hopefully soon you’ll be able to duplicate a photo within Tropy.

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We added this feature to 1.0.1.

For improved flexibility, the scenario above would be a two step process:

  1. Right click on the photo and select ‘duplicate photo’ from the menu.
  2. The drag and drop the duplicate to the target item (if it already exists) or (if not) right click and select ‘move item to new item’ to create a copy of the current with the duplicate photo.

Like everything else, you can undo/redo those steps if something went wrong.

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Thanks for your rapid response! This update makes duplicating much easier, but I think it’s still not as easy as it could be. As far as I can tell, right click ‘duplicate photo’ is only is only available within the item view. From within item view, I followed your second step to spit the duplicate back out into the collection, then added it to a new item.

This works fine, but it would be even more convenient if I could right click & duplicate from the collection view. I see that you’ve added right click & ‘add photo’ to the collection view, which is also helpful, but duplicate would be even easier.

Thanks again!

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You can duplicate from the project view. Your photo list appears in the righthand column in the project view; it’s on the left in the item view, but it’s the exact same list. You can see a screenshot on the bottom of this page of the documentation: https://docs.tropy.org/using_tropy/project_view/combine_photos.html


Oh, I should have thought of that. Thanks!

Similar needs over here (and thus I was searching the forum to see if it had already come up), with three telegrams that had been glued onto a single sheet, and I have one photo of them all together.

Maybe another possible avenue in the future is to allow for using the selection tool? By which I mean, if you could select part of an image, and then duplicate that selection as a stand alone item.

In general, selections are still in their infancy, so to speak; the plan for them is to be editable (i.e., move, resize) and be more like actual photos (i.e., you can save them as a standalone photo, add individual metadata, the thumbnail shows only the part of the selection etc.). The idea of turning a selection into a standalone photo (in a separate item) is intriguing; in that case we’d probably have to actually save the selection on disk though… we’ll have to think about it.

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