Duplicate project or save to different folder

I’m having some trouble in trying to get Tropy to save my projects somewhere other than my documents.

Is there a possibility, after having created a project, to save it to another folder or a subfolder. Everytime I try to do something like this Tropy stops working or doesn’t open the file until I manually put them back in the ‘my documents’ folder.

Any help would be awesome.

You can move your project file anywhere you like.

When you start Tropy after having moved your project file, Tropy will not be able to find your project at its previous location anymore, that’s why Tropy will fallback to opening previous projects or showing the new project wizard. You can then use File -> Open (in the new project wizard, on Windows, hold the Alt key to show the menu) or Ctrl+O to select and open your project at its new location.

Thanks! I get an error when I open tropy but with the command O key (I use a macbook) but after that I can at open my projects again.

So, I’ not sure, does everything work now, or are you still seeing an error? (If so, could you post the exact error message or the log file?)

Once you’ve opened your project at the new location, Tropy should be able to find it again automatically the next time you start it.