EINVAL Error When Duplicating/Uploading

Accidentally moved a photo to a new item so I went ahead and hit undo, but now I’m receiving an error (“EINVAL: invalid argument state 'E:…”) when I try to duplicate or upload photos. Project photos are stored in OneDrive so I’m not sure if that’s causing the issue or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First off, thanks for reporting, this definitely sounds like a bug that we need to fix. Can you try to force the error one more time and then select Help -> Show log files from the menu and post your project.log file here?

project.log (15.0 KB)

The project still functions in all other areas except for uploading/duplicating photos. I’ve uploaded the log though so hopefully there’s a fix possible in the future.

Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated!

If the issue was caused by undo/redo of an action like you suggest (that’s not unlikely) then the problem should resolve itself when you completely close and restart Tropy (because at this point the undo history would be cleared). I’m just mentioning this, in case you haven’t restarted yet.

Does duplicating other photos work, or is there an issue only with this particular photo? And, by ‘uploading’, do you mean importing new photos into Tropy? Thanks again!

I have tried restarting, but no luck unfortunately. I’m not able to duplicate any photos at all and yes I’m also unable to import new photos into Tropy at this time. Thanks for the help!

Does importing photos from outside of One Drive work for you? E.g., if you copy a photo to your Desktop and import it from there? If that works, as final question, did you perhaps change your One Drive settings?

I was able to import from outside of OneDrive, but doing so for the original photo that sparked the bug didn’t change the error being triggered when trying to duplicate the OneDrive-based photos. I haven’t changed my OneDrive settings at all, and haven’t had any issues with it interacting with Tropy to this point.

Do you have the ‘File-on-Demand’ feature of OneDrive enabled by any chance? There are known issues with this setting in the version of Electron Tropy uses; this has already been fixed in the meantime, but it will take at least until Tropy 1.2 that we can roll-out the fix.

Looks like that did the trick. I turned off the “File-On-Demand” feature and gave OneDrive some time to sync with my PC and I’m now able to duplicate and upload photos. Thanks for all the help figuring this out!