Error exporting into resource template in Omeka S

I recently used the Export to Omeka S plugin to send a few items from Tropy to Omeka S. The data and photos transferred fine. However, I couldn’t get my items to transfer into the resource template I selected. What is the value you’re supposed to specify for “Resource template ID”? I don’t think this is explained in the documentation. I assumed that the value you’re supposed to specify is the number which follows “/admin/resource-template/” but this did not seem to work. It’s very easy for me to bulk edit the items in Omeka S to set them to the correct template, but it would be helpful to know if I did something wrong.

You’re not doing anything wrong—at the moment, you have to apply your custom template retroactively in Omeka S. This is something we can work toward making even more seamless in the future.

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