Error "failed to save photo" on each manipulation

I just installed the last update, and from that moment on I have an error message (see screenshot) on every photo I try to modify (in my case, turn left). Tried to reboot Tropy and reboot Windows 10, but the error persists. itt says "failed to save photo. Cannot destructure property “base” of “undefined” or “null”.

Is it a common bug? Any known solution?

Thanks for the heads-up!

Please note that this is a beta release (for real projects I would strongly suggest to install the stable version instead). That said, this should hopefully be fixed later today.

Thank you very much (also for the superfast reply)! I’ll wait.

in the worst scenario, would it be possible to uninstall the last update? Maybe uninstalling completely Tropy and downloading again the older setup?


You could install the previous version and disable auto-updating, yes, but we just pushed a new version of the beta. Your version should update soon (you can also check for updates from the help menu or restart). Thanks for beta testing! : )

(By the way, this version includes completions for metadata values and improved matching when adding tags.)