Error: Input image exceeds pixel limit

I got the following error after attempting to import a pdf (it won’t let me attach it here as it’s an unsupported attachment format). Have never gotten it before. The file size is less than 1MB so I’m not sure what is triggering it.

{“msg”:“item.import”,“stack”:“Error: Input image exceeds pixel limit”,“system”:“Darwin 18.7.0 (x64)”,“time”:1587391961046,“version”:“1.7.0”}

I would appreciate any advice on how to get it imported! Thank you

The reason for this is most likely that there is an image embedded in this PDF at a pixel density that is far below the one use for importing. This will result in the imported image being much larger than necessary (without gaining any quality). To fix this, change the photo’s pixel density in the metadata panel (in the photo section): I’d start with 72 ppi (or even lower); when you change the value, the page will be re-generated and you can check its quality in the item view; increase the the ppi until you have good results and then set the ppi on any other pages. If the PDF has lots of pages it may be easier to change the default ppi in the preferences and import it again.