Error message when transfering photos to tropy

I received this message when trying to import my photos from my photos app on my mac into tropy. 'Failed to import item" “ERROR: SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked”. Any tips? Some of my photos transferred in but not all.

There are various scenarios where this error can occur; sometimes it’s not something to be worried about, but if this is reproducible or happens frequently, we should try to figure out the exact cause. If you could answer some of the following questions it would be helpful: Does this error occur frequently or only during that one import? How many photos were you importing at the time? If you import the photos that failed a second time, does the error occur again? And more generally, is your project saved on the main hard drive or elsewhere (external drive, network share, thumbdrive, etc.)? Thanks!

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem and I didn’t find a solution in the forum yet. I just downloaded Tropy using Windows 10 Home and tried to transfer several pdf-files (stored on my main hard drive) that contain each about 100 pictures. Importing the items took really long and I received the same message ‘Failed to import item ERROR:SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked’. Some items transferred in but not all. Also not all of the thumbnails load and not all the photos load in the image viewer. Tropy also startet consolidating photos very slowly mulitple times. I restarted my computer and Tropy but nothing changed. When I open the console it says there ‘ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND’ . Thank you so much for your help!
tropy.log (58.6 KB)

It sounds as if there were timeout errors while importing some of the pictures; I could imagine this happening if the PDFs (and the embedded pictures) are very large or if the Computer or hard disk is relatively slow,or rather: that the import process is tuned to aggressively and therefore you can run into these timeouts for large imports on older hardware.

If the import of some of photos failed initially, it’s to be expected that some of the thumbnails do not show and that Tropy will start consolidating when those photos come into view (the ‘not found’ errors mean just that: the thumbnails were not found and therefore Tropy will try to create them). This seems to be the case for you now. I’d suggest to open the project and let it consolidate – note that Tropy may later start consolidating again if you browse the project and reach other photos for which the thumbnails have not been created yet.

If the consolidation never succeeds, there might be an issue with some of the PDFs in question.

Thank you so much for your quick help. I let the project consolidate and it seems to be just like you said - when I open the image viewer there are still missing thumbnails, but the consolidation works. It still is pretty slow, but as you guessed the PDFs are large (about 100.000 KB each) so I suppose this is the reason.