ERROR SQLITE_CANT OPEN - Tropy fail to open database


Hi !

First thanks for your huge work on Tropy !

I did a database 2 years ago for a Master (don’t know how it is called in the english university system but in France it’s the step before the thesis). This work was kind of a preliminary to my thesis but i stopped last year to pass a competitive examination and this database just chill on my computer.

Today i try to reopen it and i receive the following error message :

{“msg”:“C:\Users\Roman\Google Drive\Travail de recherche\Définitions Agonistiques et Réalités Pratiques de la Parrhêsia.tpy”,“stack”:“Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file”,“system”:“Windows_NT 10.0.17134 (x64)”,“time”:1570873530013,“version”:“1.5.4-beta.1”}

Do you have any idea how I can “uncorrupt” this tropy file ?

I don’t care about the pictures because it was a research work on roman republic, and i mostly use tropy for his flexibility (tags, etc…).

Thanks agains for your huge work.

Have a nice day.



Sorry, i can’t delete my post but I just found the solution…

I was searching for 2 days, and right now, i just realised the defaut software to launch my project, wasn’t tropy but “tropy update”. I reconfigure to tropy and it’s working. But the fact is, when i try to open the project by “recent project” the error message still happen. But for now it’s ok, the database is not corrupt.