ERROR SQLITE_CANT OPEN - Tropy fail to open database

Hi !

First thanks for your huge work on Tropy !

I did a database 2 years ago for a Master (don’t know how it is called in the english university system but in France it’s the step before the thesis). This work was kind of a preliminary to my thesis but i stopped last year to pass a competitive examination and this database just chill on my computer.

Today i try to reopen it and i receive the following error message :

{“msg”:“C:\Users\Roman\Google Drive\Travail de recherche\Définitions Agonistiques et Réalités Pratiques de la Parrhêsia.tpy”,“stack”:“Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file”,“system”:“Windows_NT 10.0.17134 (x64)”,“time”:1570873530013,“version”:“1.5.4-beta.1”}

Do you have any idea how I can “uncorrupt” this tropy file ?

I don’t care about the pictures because it was a research work on roman republic, and i mostly use tropy for his flexibility (tags, etc…).

Thanks agains for your huge work.

Have a nice day.


Sorry, i can’t delete my post but I just found the solution…

I was searching for 2 days, and right now, i just realised the defaut software to launch my project, wasn’t tropy but “tropy update”. I reconfigure to tropy and it’s working. But the fact is, when i try to open the project by “recent project” the error message still happen. But for now it’s ok, the database is not corrupt.

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I have a similar problem, but I do not quite unederstand how you fixed it.

I have not used TROPY during the last 3 month.

When I open TROPY, TROPY cannot find and open my project.

When I search directly my project in my computer files, I can find it, but when I try to open it the system cannot find TROPY.

I understand from your message that there might be an issue coming from a recent TROPY update, but I don not Know how I could go back to a previuos TROPY version and try if it works.

Thank you for anyone that could help me.

Just open Tropy and use Cmd/Ctrl+O (this should work both if you’re in the empty project window or in the new project window) and then find and select your project file in the open dialog.

If you then get the “can’t open” error there is probably an issue with your project file. In that case, if you select Help -> Show log files from the menu and post the tropy.log file here, we can probably figure out why the file can’t be opened.