Evernote to Tropy

Hello again!

I wonder if in the future there will be a way to import Evernote projects into Tropy. In fact, unfortunately I have started cataloguing my (very large) database of pictures with Evernote, and now I am a bit desperate now, as I realize that I have to start again from zero with Tropy.

I realize that it may be next to impossible, but if you have any idea about how to import Evernote files into Tropy I would be very happy to read it.

Thanks for this fantastic software

We will be looking to expand the plugin system to support input plugins (right now we only have export plugins). Once we have a working solution for import plugins an Evernote plugin will be a realistic option. However, we don’t have a clear release target for this yet so it’s probably not worth the wait for you.

What information do you store in Evernote and what export options do you have? Maybe we can find a custom solution for you to move the data.

Thank you for your quick and kind reply!

I store pictures of newspapers in Arabic. It works a bit like how I use Tropy, every Evernote entry is composed of a series of pictures (the newspaper pages), with some text mixed in it, the text being the translation of newspapers titles and other comments. Photos and texts are mixed. Perhaps I could send you a pdf of a sample entry to show you if you think it would help.

OK, having played around with it a little bit on a mac you could try to do this:

If you want to keep using the photos in Evernote:

  1. Open Evernote
  2. Select a note containing the photos you want to move to Tropy
  3. Drag each photo into Tropy (this will create an item for each photo)
  4. When you have a transcription of the photo, select the photo in Tropy and copy/paste the transcription into the notepad.
  5. When you have moved all the photos of the Evernote entry this way, select the corresponding items in Tropy and right click -> merge them into a single item.

If you move the photos this way, the original photos will stay where Evernote keeps them; this may not be ideal. You can add an extra step and make new copies of your photos. First create a folder where you want to keep all the photos. Then, instead of dragging the photos from Evernote into Tropy directly, drop them in the folder you created (this creates a copy), then drag the photo from the folder into Tropy.

Obviously this is still moving each photo manually so it may not be feasible to do for your entire library, but it’s probably easier to do this way than starting from scratch.

Thank you!

you are right, it will take time, but certainly less than if I had to recreate the whole database.