Exclamation Mark images not showing anymore

Hi! Most of the images that I have on the software have an exclamation mark on next to their name now, and it is not possible to visualise them anymore. Do you know what to do in this situation?

By ‘visualize’ do you mean the photos do not show up anymore in item view? Or that the thumbnails in project view do not show up? Or both?

In any case, the presence of the exclamation mark means that Tropy either did not find the original photo or failed to process it. Can you restart Tropy, try to view one of these items and then open the tropy.log file (Help -> Show log files) and post it here?

They show up in the item view, but it was not possible to open them to actually see them. I don’t know how exactly but it works now. Thank you very much.

Did you just update to Tropy 1.6? After the update Tropy will re-generate thumbnails, preserving the original aspect ratio (previously thumbnails were cropped). This can cause the exclamation mark icon to show up while the photos are consolidated.

Tropy updates the photos as needed, so one way to get all the photos checked is to select all items and scroll through the photo panel (forcing Tropy to load and check each thumbnail).