Exploding item and individual titles


Thank you to developers for this amazing tool, starting to get familiar with and wondering:

If I explode an item the individual titles of all the items which were merged becomes the name of the previously merged item, the original name of each single picture is still shown just on the right bar but not in the name of the file.

Is there anyway to fix this? It could looks like a little detail but it would be very important to me to have the possibility to come back and really undo what I’ve done and not to copy and paste the original file name from the right bar…

Thank you


Since I’m here… no way to import the folder structure and not manually re-create all the folders right?

The original names are only restored if you really undo the original merge. The explode action is not exactly the same as a merge-undo, because it moves out all the item’s photos no matter how they were added to the item in the first place.

You can try this out: merge two items -> undo and the original titles should be restored; merge two items, then explode the resulting item and you will get two new items, with the same title.

Unfortunately there’s no way to import full folder structures yet (but that’s somewhere on our roadmap).

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Ok thank you inuk for your reply. If I can give you my feedback, for me this possibility to get back with the photo names after exploding not just trough undo but even if you realize you made a mistake three months later could really be a thing :wink:

Anyway, thank your very much for your work to you and all the developers!!



I agree with the original poster - this was an unexpected and suboptimal consequence for me as well. If at all possible, I’d think the metadata should revert as well.