Explosion of item went wrong

I have by mistake merged 4 photos (19-20-21-22). When I exploded the merged item, only the first photo remained visible (19). After restarting Tropy, I refreshed, then re-imported the 3 invisible ones, Tropy told me they were already there, but launched an import… and friezed.
Log created after last restart is attached Tropy_log_explosion.log (18.9 KB)
Consolidation of the photos, refreshing. 3 still invisibles.
New import. Photos supposedly there.
After agreeing on importing even if they were already present, 3 new photos appeared + the 3 “invisibles”, with a change of name (all now called 19). [Here, I have to admit not being sure seeing the 3 invisibles recalled before or not…]
Last log is uploaded project.log (64.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting! I’ll take a look at the logs and try to figure out what went wrong there.

Just one note before I start though: you said you merged the four items by accident, then exploded the item – please be aware that the explode action is not the exact same process as undo merge (accessible via the normal undo stack). Undoing a merge will restore the items exactly as they were before the merge, whereas exploding an item will not (explode has no knowledge of the previous merge, so it cannot restore, for example, individual titles of the items which were merged). Merge and explode are very similar, but they’re not the same – just something to keep in mind.

Thanks for the tip. In fact, I also filled metadata after merging, so I guess Undo would have not worked.