Export more photo per page

I’m doing visual analysis using tropy. I categorized photos using tags based on aesthetic simiarities.
It would be very very nice if it would be possible to export all the photos tagged in a category on one page… Or anyway more than one per page.
There is this possibilty? In the preference is locked the option “one per page” and I don’t understand if it is because I selected something wrong or if it is because this possibility was thought, but not yet developed.


Yes, the export is currently limited to one photo per page. We’d like to add additional layouts in the future.

Meanwhile, if you print or export to PDF you can typically select two or four sheets per page using your system’s print dialog/options. This way, you can print 2 or 4 photos per page (probably not more than that since the text would become too small).

Hi, unfortunately my print options do not let me decide how many sheets per page. I don’t know why. At the same time, I don’t need to print any text, my idea of visualization is that all the images (only) tagged with a specific attribute are visible close to each other. Right now I’m screen printing from Tropy with the lowest zoom, but as you can guessing ,the quality is quite terrible and there are too much white spaces.

Hope you can add the feature in the next future… My PhD thesis deadline is due to February! :))

Something like this

Are these multiple photos within a single item, or multiple items? Just trying to understand if what you’d need is a layout that combines multiple items per page or that is essentially one page per item, but would combine all the items’ photos on the page.

The photos are from different items, because every photo has different metadata, hence I couldn’t put all of them in the same item. However, through the tag option I can see in Tropy all the items with the same aesthetic subject, for example the harbor. And it’s very useful, especially when ordered by date!
What I would like to do is to export somewhat this visualisation that I can have in Tropy.
So a layout that combines multiple items per page (no need for annotations or metadata, just the image). I think this would improve a lot Tropy’s functionalities for art and media scholars like me.