Export of Correspondent Name


I would like to make an export which has a row-based list of correspondents based on the ‘author’; ‘recipient’ fields from the Tropy Correspondence metadata form.

How can I do this? I just installed the CSV export plug in, but this is were I got stuck.

Thank you in advance,

Gert Huskens


after installing the plugin head over to Preferences > Plugins and click on the Settings button of the CSV plugin. Pick Tropy Correspondence in the template field.

Then close the Preferences window and select the items you want to export. Then right-click and pick Export Selected Items > tropy-plugin-csv (or the custom plugin name in case you set one in the plugin settings). Choose the location and a .csv file name.

This will generate a CSV file with all metadata fields of the Tropy Correspondence template. You can either delete non-essential columns from that file or create a custom template by duplicating the Tropy Correspondence template and removing all properties but dc:creator (Author) and dcterms:audience (Recipient).