Export Tropy to a new Mac


Hello I have a new Macbook air and I would like to import the Tropy files I have created on my old one. How can I do that ? thank you


To move your project to the new Mac you need to install Tropy on the new Mac and move your project file as well as your photos to the Mac.

If the path to your photos is the same on both your Macs then that should do it. You can open your project in Tropy on the new Mac; Tropy will have to consolidate your photos (re-generate thumbnails), which will take some time, depending on your project size.

If the path to your photos is not the same on your two Macs, Tropy will not find your photos when you first open the project. To fix this, select one of your photos and consolidate it (via the context menu in the photo panel): this will prompt you to select the photo file on your hard drive. Provided your photos are still in the same location, relative to one another, Tropy should then be able to find all the other photos automatically. For more details, see the section on moving photos of the user manual.


thank you and unforunately there seems to be a problem, the photos don’t appear in the copy of Tropy. I have tried it your way but it doesn’t work. I will look up the user manual !