Exporting a collection of 10 unique PDFs/w notes into one merged PDF gives me nonsensical output

Hello, I am trying to export a folder of PDF’s in Tropy that I have ordered chronologically, along with my brief notes and metadata. Each file is 2 pages long, so the output PDF should be 40 pages long total. I’m running into issues and can’t figure out why. Here’s what I did:
Right click on a group of 10 files → Export Selected Items → PDF
The PDF file that the program spits out is very odd- most of the files appear twice, or even several times, and they are completely out of order; the output file is 21 pages long and does not resemble the original files. Can you help me export these 10 files /w notes in chronological order, as a PDF file, without errors? Trying to share them with a colleague…I can email you the PDF if it’s helpful, but I can’t share it publicly. Thanks!

Yes, it would be much appreciated if you could share either the 10 PDFs in question along with either the full project file or the 10 items in question via direct message.

Is this an advanced project (single .tpy file) or a standard project (.tropy folder)? In the first case we’d need the .tpy file plus the 10 PDFs. In the latter case you could just zip the .tropy folder if the project does not contain too many photos. If the project is too large to share this way, you can just select the 10 items and copy-paste the items into a text file to share with us along with the PDFs.

Will do, how do I direct message you on here? Thanks.