Exporting notes?

Hi to all
I have been trying anything to export many transcription notes in any text format.
As for now, my best though really imperfect solution would be to export the item in JSON, open it with XMLCopy editor, removing most of the JSON tags and trying to open the consolidated result in Word. Roughly it works, but I always lose the words underscoring.
Has anyone any painless (/less painful and more effective) solution, which would not be copy/paste in each note view…)?


We’ve been discussing a note-only export plugin. Currently the idea is to let you chose between plain text, HTML, and markdown (plus item/photo metadata in the front matter). This way you’d be able to export all notes of all selected items. Such a plugin should be fairly quick to write, but other suggestions are certainly welcome.

If you need the notes in plain text, but find extracting from the JSON to complicated, it you can also extract the notes directly from the project database using sqlite3 project.tpy "select text from notes".

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Thanks for your answer.
I guess that with those 3 export choices, everything should be possible: Word and Open Office do open html and markdown files can be opened in both programs through Pandoc. Looking forward to it!

Just leaving this here, so that it’s mentioned here on forums, because we’ve had a number of similar requests over the years. Instead of the notes-export plugin, exporting notes only (or copy to clipboard) is built in since 1.8.2. If you export to a file, the format will be guessed based on your file extension (plain text, Markdown, or HTML); if you copy to clipboard the HTML and plain text will be copied by default (what you get on paste depends on the capabilities of the app you’re pasting into). If you prefer to copy Markdown or the HTML source tags, you can change the default in the preferences.

You can export/copy single notes:

Or all notes of one or more items: