File Names are now imported as "titles" from Mac

Hello Tropy!

I am using v. 1.3.2 and noticed that when I import photos that I have download from an archive website, they get imported into Tropy with the “title” from the archive website, and not the “file name” that I have created for them.

This is a problem for me (and I suspect for others) because the “titles” are identical for different photos (they are just the name of the archive box), whereas my file names were sequential…ie Archive_Box_IMG_101; Archive_Box_IMG_102. Have sequential titles is helpful to me because I can then quickly make sure everything is in the right order, and don’t have to fish around for the one photo that I want. I’d be happy to attach screen shots if that would be helpful.

I recently created a portable project - I’m not sure if that is connected to the switch.

No rush. Hope you are having a nice (and well-deserved!) break! Happy 2019!

Oh, this likely means that the archive set the title in the EXIF or XMP metadata. We’ve assumed that this title, if set, would always be better than the file name, but that’s obviously not true in every case. I think we’d have to introduce a preference for this, because there is no real way for Tropy to check the validity of the supplied metadata.

Thanks for the response. I’d like to put in a feature request to set a preference for labeling photos by File Name instead of automatically by what the archive has set. As more archives put more material online, this issue will come up for other researchers as well.

In the meantime, if I import my photos with the archive title on them for now, make notes, keywords, folders etc with them and then the new selection function comes on, will I just be able to switch my preferences, or will I have to reimport (and recreate the metadata) for them?


The preference will likely only have an effect during import, that is, you’d have to re-import the photos.

Alternatively, we’ve been considering ways to allow populating fields based on some ‘scripted logic’; this may help solve renaming titles based on filenames, but the feature has not been formalized yet so I can’t make any promises.