“Fit”-mode and “fill”-mode

All the images I have, without any exception, are from A4 sheets, with the headline at the top and some text thereafter. When opening these files in “fill”-mode, Tropy only depicts the area in the middle of the A4-sized picture, but not its upper part. Yet, there, at the top, not only all begins, there is also the headline informing me about what this particular sheet is all about.
For sure, I could open the image in full size (that is in “fit”-mode instead of in “fill”-mode), but then everything, the characters and the sentences, would just be too small for me to read. On my laptop, the ideal size seems to be 76%, but again, at that size I can only see the document’s belly and not its head.
Could this be a bug?

we are aware of this issue and keep track of it on GitHub (Display fit-to-width previews from top not bottom · Issue #695 · tropy/tropy · GitHub).