Fixed "Lists" and "Tags" on left sidebar

Dear developer,
Truly appreciate all your work.
I have a small suggestion. Would it be possible to fix the “Lists” and “Tags” always on the left sidebar, like a parent-level drawer, in order to quickly navigate to any of the two parts?
Since I have made quite a long list and sublist, most of which are usually extended, when I need to choose any Tag for filtering, I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my “Lists” part to find the area of “Tags”. So, I assume it might be convenient and faster if it is possible to click the fixed “Tags” drawer to directly reach that part, and also click the “Lists” to quickly get back to the lists area.

yes we have plans to rework the tag selector completely. The UI might work a bit differently from what you describe, but be assured that you won’t have to scroll past the lists to access the tags.