Folders/Lists for tags or

Hey there,
I am thinking about using Tropy for my family history. Things like old photo’s, deeds and other types of documents.
It would be very nice if I could create lists for tags. This way I could have a list of tags for different types of documents (photo, deed, etc), a list for people tags, a list for place tags and so on.

Would be happy to hear from you!!

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Can you explain a little how you would like to use these sets of tags? Would this be mainly to help organize the sidebar if there are many tags? If that’s the case we’re working on a new interface to manage tags (the current design was optimized for only a handful of tags, but clearly tags are more popular than we anticipated so we need a different design solution for them).

Yes I think so!

I would like to make groups / folders / nested tags.
In my research I would have a tag per person, so I can tag every photo or deed with all the people associated. But it would be nice to create one top categorie tag with person or people.
Same thing for types of documents, places, years.

Places for example could be Country → Place → Adress.
I could see all pictures in the Netherlands, but also in a specific place.

I would also use this for different event types: birth, marriage, etc.

Please tell me when you need more information!
Thank you for the quick reply.

What really helps, and is already a feature, is sorting on multiple tags at once. This way I can search for all the pictures with two people from 2011. Or all pictures taking in 2010 in a certain place.