Full thumbnails?


Is there any way to get Tropy not to crop thumbnails to squares, but to keep the full image? In my first project I have typed letters where it would be much easier to batch-edit the metadata in the import window if I could see the letterheads in the thumbnail images. With the square thumbnails, though, I have to click to the item view to see the full image.

If this feature isn’t there yet, are there plans to add it?


Yes we’re considering how we could get this to work. It’s not straight forward, because of the way the item grid works (mainly design, but also some logical assumptions which help us optimize performance) there are some difficult edge cases if we had arbitrary image proportions.

We’re tracking the issue here


I’ll second this request. I understand the design concerns here, but I also image most photos are in rather common aspects ratios – say, those produced by an iPhone in portrait or landscape. Maybe that’s just my work!


I would find this useful as well. This is the main drawback for me at the moment.


This doesn’t get to the root of your question, but you can see the full photo without moving to item view by pressing the space bar when you have an item selected. You’ll get a preview a la Apple’s preview.


Just seeing this now. Many thanks - that’s a decent workaround.