Giving every item a unique code for citation

Hi there!

Very happy to have found Tropy, it has greatly improved my workflow.

I know Tropy is not in the first place a citation program, but when I am writing and I want to make a reference to an archival document I need to copy the document’s name, archive, box etc from Tropy manually. I thought it would be so useful to give a unique code to every item on Tropy which can be used as a reference while writing, and which would also make it much easier to find it again in the Tropy project.

Would love to hear from you to see if this is possible, or if there is a workaround.

Best, Anastasia

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I suspect you mean an automatically generated identifier and/or an identifier that is automatically updated based on other fields (e.g., creator_date or something like that), right? We have some vague plans of addressing both these scenarios.

Meanwhile, you can of course add a property such as dc:identifier to your template and assign your own ids to items.

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, a unique and automatically generator identifier is exactly what I meant. I would make writing about the sources much easier, as you could use a short and easily retrievable code as a preliminary reference.
If others would also find this useful, comment below :slight_smile:

Another +1 for this!