Group collaborations?

Are there plans to add a method for collaborators to work together on the same project to add/edit items, potentially at the same time, and keep their joint contributions in sync? Perhaps similar to Zotero groups?

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There are certainly plans in this direction, but they are not imminent as of yet.

Our next priority is to make projects more portable to make it easier to move and use them from multiple machines. We will likely consider real-time collaboration and project synchronization after that.

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Does that mean that in 1.0, I can copy/transfer a tropy project on another computer, copy the folder with the files as well, and have tropy automatically link the metadata to the files in the folder?

(because If I’m correct that’s not possible with the beta version)

At the moment you can do that and it will work if the paths to photos are the same on the second machine (in that case, you can just select ‘consolidate photo library’ when you open the project to rebuild all the thumbnails).

However, if the paths to the photos is different on the other computer (which, granted, is very likely the case) Tropy will not yet attempt to find the photos automatically. This means you would have to consolidate each photo individually (if a photo can’t be found during single photo consolidation, Tropy will prompt you for the new location). Now, obviously this is not practical to do for your entire library! As I mentioned above, we’ll add more functionality to resolve such cases with no or minimal user input in the upcoming updates.

Meanwhile (and as a side note), if you do need to transfer a project right now (or move all the photos anyway), please know that the photo paths can be changed in bulk using SQL – obviously this is no replacement for improved project portability, I’m just mentioning it to say that it can be done in urgent cases.

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