Grouping Tags in Folders


It would be nice to put groups of tags in folders. For instance, I’m working on letters generated during the 1918 flu and about 300 of them include home remedy tags (alcohol, garlic, camphor, etc. etc.) As it is, my tag reads “Healthcare Remedy Garlic,” “Healthcare Remedy Alcohol” etc. etc. Given my number of tags, it’s pretty tedious endlessly scrolling up and down to find the right tags or groups of tags. … I’ve actually started making my own groupings instead of folders by piling on modifiers like: “Note: Healthcare Provider Military subject describes military hospital” In this case, “Note” “Healthcare Provider” and “Military” are modifiers that end up only applying to 12 items or so. I think this problem could easily be solved with folders and subfolders.

Anyways, I have several other tweaks and improvements that could help individuals with thousands of items and tags. Maybe you’re busy (who isn’t!) and I don’t want to play the “expert” but I would really like if I could screenshare my project with you to get some ideas and offer my own.

Thanks for your time and help!

Thanks for this! We’ve also drawn similar conclusions – or rather ideas – from the large number of projects which heavily utilize tags. It seems that there are two fundamental approaches to annotating pictures: one is using mostly tags and the other is using metadata fields based on given vocabularies. The latter is what we had in mind when designing the interface, but the former is also used by many projects. We get the UI appeal of this method and we’d like improve Tropy’s usability for projects which use exclusively (or just have lots of tags in addition to metadata). Supporting hierarchical and/or modifier tags is great input – I’ll add it to the list of ideas where we track the new tag manager implementation.