Hide photo metadata template in pdf of project

inukshuk, I think you mentioned earlier that there is a way to conceal the photo metadata template when I create a pdf of the Tropy project (without actually deleting the template). Simply, I would like each page to display just the generic template and my notes for each item. I’ve attached a sample page of my project to show how it all appears at the moment (including the photo template).
Is this adjustment something that a novice user could manage?
Again, thank you for any advice.
Project_sample_page.pdf (1.5 MB)

in order to hide the photo metadata in print you can simply add this style.css (148 Bytes)
file to your User-Data folder (Help > Show User-Data Folder). In case you already have custom styles, just copy the content of the file above to your style.css.

Thanks for this, flachware. I’m afraid I still have to ask some absolutely rookie questions:

  • I’ve downloaded the style.css file - just to confirm: I now simply drag the file into the User-Data folder? Is there anything else I have to do? (I don’t have any existing custom styles created).
  • As a result of doing this, will the photo template just “disappear” from the pdf when I next export images from the project? As a matter of interest, will this template also disappear from the project itself?

Yes, you simply drag the file into the User-Data folder. And then you have to restart Tropy. These custom styles just hide the photo metadata section in PDFs, it does not affect the project at all.

Thank you - that’s worked a treat! Your help is really appreciated.