Hiding Items in a List

Hello Tropy! Would it be possible to request a feature that allows users to hide some items in a list? For example, I often import a whole archive box into a list, so that later on I don’t have to disentangle what I’ve imported and what I haven’t. But I am not using all 700 photos from the box right now - I’m just using 20, and I’d like to temporarily “hide” the other 688. Right now I just label a fake type “rd” for read, on the photos that I’m not using and sort by type, but it would be nice to just hide them altogether. Thanks for a great piece of software!!

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Here is a quick idea: you could use a tag ‘Read’ or ‘Unread’ and give the tag a color. It’s very easy to tag all the items in a list by selecting all items in the list and dragging them on the tag (or adding the tag in the tag panel). As you start out, all the items are tagged as ‘Unread’, for example, and as you work through them you remove the tag from items you’ve worked on (or you add the tag ‘Read’).

You can hide all the items in the list which are untagged by selecting both the list and your tag. There is currently no way to search for items which do not have a certain tag, so it’s an important distinction between read/unread: if you use a ‘read’ tag, it’s easy to hide unread items; if you use an ‘unread’ tag, it’s easy to hide read items.

We’ve been considering adding a handful of special tags (like favorite, read/unread, visible/hidden, etc.) but they would not be that different from regular tags. That said, we really need to make it possible to search for the absence of a tag (i.e., item not tagged) for more flexibility.