Highlighting Within Metadata and Editing Multiple Items

First, on Tropy 1.8.2 it is no longer possible to highlight a portion of text within metadata (for copying and pasting, for example). Instead, when I click and drag it always assumes I want to drag the whole item somewhere. It did not used to behave this way before.

Secondly, when I highlight multiple items, it is no longer possible to change a metadata field to a single value if they have two different values. For example, I want to change the date of multiple documents. One is listed as “1974-04-01” and another is just “1974-04”. If I highlight both items (or more), it says “Apr 1, 1976 +”. I used to be able to press the return key to change all to “1974-04-01”, but now pressing return does nothing. Please revert back to the original behavior, which made it easy to change multiple items to the same value.

Moving (or copying if you hold Alt) fields is a relatively new feature. It allows you to copy or move values from one field to another: this is way more powerful than selecting the text and copy/pasting it to another field, especially when you select multiple items: this allows you, for example to copy or move the ‘title’ value of all selected items to any other field. Note that this is not possible with normal copy/paste, because there you would replace the value of all items with the pasted text (i.e., it’s not possible to move/copy disparate values). You can still use normal copy paste (e.g. if you want to copy just a partial value) but you need to click into the field once to activate it: then you can select the text as usual.

Overwriting disparate values should still be possible, so that’s definitely an unintended regression. We’ll fix right away. In the meantime, there’s a silly workaround: you can either select the item with the value that should change first (i.e., so that the ‘1974-04’ value is visible, then change that to ‘1974-04-01’) or by changing the value twice (i.e., if ‘1974-04-01’ is already visible, just make a change like ‘1974-04-01x’ and then remove the change again). Currently, the change is not saved on enter because the visible value did not change, but this will be addressed. Thanks for reporting!