How can I put all the information in a word document?

I am doing my doctor research and I wonder if this application is worth it for me. I must catalogue lot of images and my question is if I can download all the information from tropy into my tesis word document. Thank you very much for your help, Ana

Currently you can only copy and paste each note individually.

However, it’s relatively easy to get all selected notes (as HTML or plaintext) out of the exported JSON files (using jq this would probably be a one-liner); we’re also on the record of promising a plugin to export notes only. In any case, it is not difficult to extract all notes of a Tropy project into a single note.

Thank you very much for your answerd. I have tried to do it, but maybe I dont have the correct program for it. I am using windows, and I have tried to download the JSON but it doesnt work… What program do I have to have in my computer in order to export the files? I , m sorry for this question but I,m quiet new in Tropy and I m starting to learn how to use it…

jq is a useful command line tool for manipulating JSON data. Since you can export all your Tropy data, including notes to JSON, you can subsequently use jq to extract only the notes and then insert them into your Word document. You can also use jq online. For example, if you select a number of items in Tropy and then paste them into online playground, you can use the following filter to extract all the photo or selection notes:


This should print a list of all the notes in JSON-escaped HTML strings. To get plaintext versions you can just replace .html with .text in the filter above.