How to make secure backups and alternate between working media?

Hello, I am a new user of Tropy and I want to use it for my thesis research.
I have read quite a few topics but I am still wondering:

I have two laptops and an external hard drive. I plan to work mainly on one of the two laptops.
But to make sure I don’t lose anything, I plan to transfer the new version of the .tpy file to my other two media each time.
I have already tried moving all my images and linking them back to the .tpy file on its new medium.
However I guess if I transfer a new version of the tpy file to these media, I will have to manually link all the pictures again?

Are there better ways to make secure backups that also allow you to work on them by alternating media? The most important thing for me is to be sure not to lose months of work!

Sorry if this is not very clear, English is not my mother tongue and I am not very good at computers!



where do you store your photos? Generally, if you manage to maintain a stable photo path (see Preferences - Documentation) you can avoid consolidation. But even in case you have to consolidate your photos you don’t have to manually link all your photos again: if the folder structure of your photo location does not change you just have to consolidate a single photo and Tropy will automatically find the remaining photos (Moving photos - Documentation).