How to merge two projects

Hi, back asking more questions!

The next one is: is it possible to merge two projects, and how to do that?

It is quite crucial at this step of my database construction to know whether this is possible or not, because it would determine how to organize the next bunch of pictures I have.

Thanks in advance

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Merging projects is not supported yet.

One of our priorities this fall will be to add more import options; this will enable us to copy/paste items between projects (among other things), that is, you will be able to select any number of items (or all items) of project A and then open project B to paste all the items there.

Any updates on the ability to merge?

I’m curious because I am exploring using Tropy as a default program for analyzing West African manuscripts. One option to make “annotations/transcripts” more portable is follow the work of linguists that via ELAN choose to do individual annotations/transcripts on single audio/video files.

In this workflow and archiving practice, linguists create a single ELAN project file for each and every audio/video file that they are annotating or working on. There is some ability to search across ELAN project files via some fancy search option where you select all the ELAN project files of interest.

In terms of Tropy, the ability to have a single project file per manuscript/archival document etc would facilitate sharing, archiving and analyzing individual sources, but at the expense of stepping back and moving easily across an entire “collection” etc., if there’s no way to merge.

Any insights or best practices that people have adopted or that you all have on your mind?

EDIT: Just realized this thread was from Sep 13, 2018 and not September 2013 so I’m assuming there’s no update, but curious how Tropy is thinking about this since the path taken by linguists and the Max Planck Institute is totally different.

As mentioned above, we’re currently working on improved import options: most importantly, importing Tropy’s JSON-LD format. This will allow you to copy/paste any number of items (plus metadata, notes, etc.) between individual Tropy projects (you could also select all items for export or copy/paste, effectively copying an entire project).

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Hi there–I’m curious if there’s been any movement on support for merging Tropy projects, or moving items between Tropy projects. Thank you!

Yes! You can copy & paste items between projects (an easy way to do this is to open both projects in two windows).

To copy items to a project on another device, the best way is to use the archive plugin, which lets you exported selected items into a zip archive: if you copy and unpack the zip file to a different device you can then import the included json file.