I cannot edit my database

Each time I want to modify my database I see an error message saying : SQLITE_READONLY: attempt to write a readonly database

Thanks for reporting! Is it possible that your Tropy project file is write protected?

Also, if you could post your main and project log files (see Help -> Show log files) in the menu, it might be easier to tell what’s going on.

{“level”:“info”,“message”:“logger initialized at level verbose”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:08.237Z”}
{“system”:“Darwin 14.5.0 (x64)”,“level”:“info”,“message”:“starting 1.3.1”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:08.245Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“started in production mode”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:08.245Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“using /Users/paulinedabrigeon/Library/Application Support/Tropy”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:08.245Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“plugins scanned: 0”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:09.683Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“app state restored”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:09.687Z”}
{“level”:“info”,“message”:“ready after 1879ms”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:09.714Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“opening /Users/paulinedabrigeon/Documents/Archives INHA.tpy…”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:09.716Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“checking for updates…”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:09.963Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“no updates available”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T10:36:10.600Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“checking for updates…”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T14:39:26.683Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“no updates available”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T14:39:28.118Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“checking for updates…”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T16:09:26.303Z”}
{“level”:“verbose”,“message”:“no updates available”,“label”:“main”,“timestamp”:“2018-11-26T16:09:26.786Z”}

You mean this ?

Ho my god, I try to re-open Tropy and now my database just disappear !!!

And now tropy do not open… Help

Sorry ! My bad, I put the database on the trash accidentally… sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, this is helpful, thanks! Could you also send me the project.log file after you open your project and after you’ve seen the error message at least once? That is, open your project, try to edit any value, when the error message appears, select Show log files from the menu and copy the project.log file.

Could you also check that your project file is not locked and writable for your user (e.g., select the INHA.tpy file in Finder.app and press Cmd+i to bring up the file’s properties; you can see the file privileges at the bottom under ‘Sharing & Permissions’).