I have a problem editing my photos

Dear Tropy
I am very new to this new and exhiting world. I have an issue when trying to edit my photos- I get the following message - a kind of stop and no go sign in the left corner of the photo - how can this be, and how can I get it to work? best wishes and thanks Ning

This icon is displayed if there has been an error loading the image, or a thumbnail of the image. If this happens, the photo will be flagged for consolidation, which means that Tropy will try to find the original and re-create thumbnails as necessary – if this works the icon should be removed again right away.

If the icons stays there, typically this means Tropy can’t find or open the original photo. Normally this is because the file was moved, renamed or sometimes because of file permission issues (especially on Windows, we’ve had frequent issues with various network shares). You can try right-clicking on the photo and selecting manual consolidation from the menu: if Tropy can’t find the original file, this should bring up the file selector for you to re-associate the file (e.g., because it was moved somewhere else). See the user manual on moving photos for more details.

If the file is definitely still at the location Tropy thinks it is (you can make sure by clicking on the file name in the photo section of the metadata panel: this should open the file in your file manager) but it still can’t be opened, it’s likely a permission issue. In this case, please check the log file (Help → Show log files) for any permission denied or similar load errors; if there are no errors there, please try enabling developer mode in the preferences and open the developer tools in the project window to check if there are any load errors printed to the console.