Icon Colour in Dark Mode

A small bug in version 1.15.1 on Windows:

The minimize, etc. icons are black in dark mode.

You’re fast! Yes, we were already aware of this but decided not to delay the release because of it.

Just to be sure, this happens when you have Windows configured in light mode but Tropy is set to use the dark theme? Is this Windows 10 or 11?

I’m using Windows 11. My system default is set to “dark,” and Tropy’s theme is set to “follow system preference.”

Possibly kind of related: I think after I unplugged my laptop from my external monitor and restarted Tropy, I got this overlap between two sets of icons in the top-right:

These are the display settings on my laptop:

I’ll post the display settings for my external monitor in a few hours.

Thanks, we’ll look into it!

If it’s too much of a nuisance you can switch back to the native menu and titlebar in the preferences until this is fixed.

The custom titlebar should work now in both colors in version 1.15.2.

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