Iiif plug-in new features

Hello !
the iiif plug-in is an absolutely amazing feature, and I cannot thank you enough for this tool.

I will throw here some features that would benefit my personal workflow, and that might be useful for everyone:

  • having a complete list of metadata options for custom schemas

  • making a complete mapping of all manifest elements into tropy metadata. For example, I am unable to specifically choose the link to a .jpg image, because the dc identifier element only refers to the first occurence of “@id” in the manifest.

  • possibility to copy-paste a manifest without having to download it (it takes time)

  • in the case of some big institutions, possibility to copy-past an image link without having to look up for the json manifest

  • creation of an internet navigator plug-in to directly importing an iiif object

  • full integration of a iiif viewer for tropy

  • possibility of using tropy as a personnal server for iiif images, or integration with sites such as archive.org to facilitate the creation of iiif images from tropy objects.

I imagine some of this ideas might be overcomplicated or seem unuseful, but they are mere ideas.

Thank you again for the plug-in !